HBPSHamilton Beach Proctor Silex
HBPSHarlan Bioproducts for Science, Inc. (Harlan Laboratories)
HBPSHamlyn Banks Primary School (Australia)
HBPSHealth Benefits Performance Suite (software; VitalSpring Technologies)
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When viewed through an HBP + lens, Ron Hunt's modern-day record of 50 HBPs in 1971 stands out as one of the most impressive single-season records in baseball history.
In this case, [s.sub.i] considers itself as hole coordinator node and prepares to execute the recovery algorithm by finding the list of hole boundary points for that expected hole by picking the points that are covered only by itself from p([s.sub.i]) and adds them to HBP list.
Usage of HBP as a platform for cluster growth, both cluster stability and full control over size, and size distribution were achieved by simultaneously allowing access of substrates to the cluster surface.
About 1.0 mL of pooled seminal plasma (filtered through 0.22 p filter) was loaded and circulated through the column for 15 minutes for absorption of HBPs to the heparin bound resins.
It should be noted that the value below the predicted 50% for HBPs synthesized with the same molar ration of [A.sub.2] to [B.sub.3].
Those old rivals have had 292 HBPs. Toronto-Boston is 233.
(http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/yankees/girardi_and_acta_go_jaw_to_jaw_in_SLl8Uu4gD9dCPUre4QweBP?CMP=OTC-rss&FEEDNAME=) reports that he is eighth in HBPs among active pitchers with 49.
Although all HBPs may bind to sperm surfaces, only one has been correlated with greater fertility potential (BELLIN et al., 1996, 1998).
(71.) Jack Miner was involved in the Hamilton case throughout the dispute and his work at the sanctuary in Kingsville was often cited in support of the Hamilton Bird Protection Society's (HBPS) efforts.
HBPS packages filters for a variety of household smells, including tobacco, pet and diaper filters.
need" for donations of cadaveric organs.[14] When we read about multiple organ transplants, liver-donar liver and lung transplants, conceiving children to serve as bone marrow donors, the temporary use of diseased donor hearts, and about the merits of markets in human body parts--often referred to simply as "HBPs"--we wondered, as does philosopher Daniel Callahan, "what kind of life" our values are driving us to seek, and whether we can accept "limits to medical progress."[15]