HBQHarry Boy Quakers (gaming clan)
HBQHic Bene Quiescat (Latin: May He Rest Peacefully Here, epigraphy)
HBQHealth Belief Questionnaire
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Assessing internalizing, externalizing, and attention problems in young children: Validation of the MacArthur HBQ. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 46, 1315-1323.
The clear positive link between HBQ questionnaire results and behavioral data from perception tests was in line with our prediction that personality does have an impact on some linguistic ability, here, specifically, phonological encoding, which is closely bounded with human categorization capability.
TABLE 1: Chosen questions in the HBQ questionnaire.
Based on the above findings, a diagnosis of coexistent HbQ India-iron deficiency anemia was made.
The quantity of the HbQ variant is determined by the ratio of alpha A, alpha Q and beta A globin chains.
After a while I began to weary of his superhuman ability to survive hand-to-hand combat against the army of cliched middle-European bad guys coming at him scene after scene (not to mention the HBQ).
The HBQ was administered in each classroom during the fifth grade spring semester in 96 schools at the four CATCH sites.
The fifth grade HBQ did not directly assess smoking behavior; therefore, fifth grade data were excluded.
Health behavior scores (HBQ) ranged between 49 and 87, and the mean was 70.71 (SD = 7.68).
The indirect effect of physical symptoms (RSCL) on health behavior (HBQ) was significantly mediated by the father's Inhibition of Exploration and Individuality (IEI; 95% CI [-.0728, -.001], p = .05) and the mother's IEI (95% CI [-.0712, -.0095], p = .02).
The related construct of interest on HBQ was self-reported dietary behavior as it pertained to fat and sodium consumption.
The total HBQ questionnaire, including CDSS, required approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.