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T2= newly HBRI pollen trap T3= Bottom board pollen trap T4= Chinese pollen trap
Pollen collection: After designing the new trap a trial was laid down on 07/03/2011 in the premises of HBRI on sixteen colonies.
The weight of pollen collected from the Gujranwala (local) entrance clipped pollen trap, newly devised HBRI trap , bottom board and Chinese trap were ranged from 75-95 gm, 114-128 gm, 75-84 gm and 61- 69 gm, respectively.
Whereas the HBRI trap gave highest pollen mean as compared to remaining traps.
As described in pie chart, it was clear that on an average 23%, 35%, 23% and 19% pollen were collected by using Gujranwala, New HBRI, Bottom board and Chinese pollen traps, respectively (Fig.
produced from colonies (Gujranwala, Newly HBRI, bottom board, china trap) were 8.