HBRIHuman BioMolecular Research Institute (San Diego, CA)
HBRIHousing Building Research Institute (Bangladesh)
HBRIHoneybee Research Institute (Pakistan)
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HBRI introduced honeybees as effective pollinators of crops to farmers and also awared them how they can conserve these pollinators for higher yields also gave Pollinators' policy document to Govt.
Dr Rashid Mahmood is Director Honeybee Research Institute (HBRI), NARC and Muhammad Khalid Rafique is Scientific Officer, HBRI, NARC.
The total yield of pollen from Gujranwala trap, HBRI, fixed bottom board and the c hina clipped trap in gm were found to be 83.00 +- 3.92 (Mean +- SE) ,121.50 +- 2.87 (Mean +- SE), 79.50 +- 2.33 (Mean +- SE), 66.00 +- 1.78 (Mean +- SE) respectively.
We went under a series of steps before designing a new type of trap for collection of pollen from HBRI trap.
T2= newly HBRI pollen trap T3= Bottom board pollen trap T4= Chinese pollen trap
Pollen collection: After designing the new trap a trial was laid down on 07/03/2011 in the premises of HBRI on sixteen colonies.
The weight of pollen collected from the Gujranwala (local) entrance clipped pollen trap, newly devised HBRI trap , bottom board and Chinese trap were ranged from 75-95 gm, 114-128 gm, 75-84 gm and 61- 69 gm, respectively.
Whereas the HBRI trap gave highest pollen mean as compared to remaining traps.
As described in pie chart, it was clear that on an average 23%, 35%, 23% and 19% pollen were collected by using Gujranwala, New HBRI, Bottom board and Chinese pollen traps, respectively (Fig.
Rashid Mehmood, Director, Honey Bee Research Institute (HBRI), NARC highlighted the role of PARC and Honey Bee Research Institute, NARC in boosting up the beekeeping sector in Pakistan and emphasized on the need to save the bees for the services that they provide to the humanity.
ISLAMABAD -- Director of Honeybee Research Institute (HBRI) of National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Dr.