HBRPHarvard Business Review Polska
HBRPHealthy Balance Research Program (Canada)
HBRPHigh Burnup Rim Project
HBRPHarvard Bipolar Research Program (Harvard University; Boston, MA)
HBRPHealth and Behavior Research Project (Iowa State University)
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Participants in the HBRP study have highlighted health and well-being in addition to significant financial and social impacts arising from
There are many unpaid caregivers across Canada experiencing similar impacts on their health and well-being; focus group participants in the HBRP also reported negative stress, burnout, role conflict, physical injury, high blood pressure and the onset of health conditions.
Using quantitative and qualitative methods, HBRP researchers have documented that caregiving is very stressful for many women.
Focus groups conducted as part of the HBRP gave women a forum to discuss the health effects of their caregiving.