HBSSHank's Balanced Salt Solution
HBSSHagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP (law firm; Seattle, Washington)
HBSSHost-Based Security System
HBSSHanks' Buffered Salt Solution
HBSSHigh Band Sub-System
HBSSHill Billy Snap Shooter (Joe Clark photography book)
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Viaspan exhibited better results when compared with HBSS.
There are variations in clinical presentation among the different sickle cell genotypes with homozygous HBSS disease and heterozygous sickle cell-[beta.
With the endocardium and epicardium removed under a stereomicroscope, the left ventricular tissues were minced into 1 mm [sup]3 cubes and washed twice with PBS, followed by digestion in HBSS containing 0.
Incubation experiments of SE with the protein-enriched supernatant were performed in incubation buffer, consisting of HBSS buffer, supplemented with D-glucose (1 mg/ml) and Carbogen gas.
HBSS is centered on McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management engine and consists of several point products.
El proposito del estudio es determinar in vitro la variacion en la tasa de filtracion transdentinaria (conductancia hidraulica) en discos de dentina humana, luego de 2, 4, 6, 7, 14, 21 y 28 dias almacenados en solucion de HBSS, en formalina al 10% y en suero fisiologico.
Selected as one of Atlanta's “Best Places to Work” in 2008, 2010, and 2011, HBSS is the only true "state- wide" law firm in Georgia, with six offices strategically located throughout the state.
Porem, quando se utiliza de HBSS nao ha a separacao do plasma apos centrifugacao, pois HBSS e plasma ficam retidos na primeira camada de separacao.
Apenas os extratos A70D e D70D demonstraram desempenho satisfatorio na manutencao da viabilidade das PBMC, nao diferindo estatisticamente (p > 0,05) do controle HBSS (96,5%) e sim dos demais extratos e formulacoes (p < 0,05).