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The HBUP could produce variable wave length under different connection method between RDV and BSUs.
HBUP Accompanying Frame [O.sub.r] [x.sub.r] [y.sub.r] [z.sub.r].
In figure 3, P is a common point on bionic fin [OMEGA] in HBUP Frame [O.sub.T][x.sub.T][y.sub.T][z.sub.T], [bar.[O.sub.p][P.sub.e]] stands for the ribbing across P from top-point [P.sub.e] to base-point [O.sub.p], with the coordinates [bar.a](x) = [[x, y(x),0].sup.T], and [paragraph][bar.[O.sub.p][P.sub.e]][paragraph] = h(x).