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In July of 2003, HBW moved to INSTEC's latest offering, called QuickSolver Package 8, which has automatic bureau updates that reflect regulatory compliance for general liability, property, inland marine and, in 2004, builder's risk.
But the HBW Group persuaded councillors to see the site before they made a decision.
HBW personnel also are being trained in the two-year study.
By a generalization of the above expression for HBW, it can be shown that in a family of visual pigment spectra satisfying the aforementioned assumptions, any two spectra are related such that at equal ordinates, the abscissae vary in proportion to [v.sub.max], i.e., v/[v.sub.max] = V[prime]/[v[prime].sub.max].
The HBW Report (HBW Associates, 1986) describes the role that Illinois systems should support for the future:
Umme Laila Azhar, Coordinator, HomeNet and one of the pioneers of HBW rights' movement highlighted importance of uniformity in forms to be used for registration of HBWs and also referred to provision of amendments in the act in accordance to submissions forwarded by concerned stakeholders.
HBW president Jillian Sharp presents the award to Fiona Mackie, on behalf of Sally Cooper, Morrison Construction
CPR's client list includes many of the top HBW manufacturers in North America.
Assuming your store layouts encourage pharmacy patients to go through the health, beauty and wellness (HBW) departments to reach the pharmacy counter, getting customers stop and look around can be a challenge.
But while some supermarket retailers do a great job giving recent switches a front-and-center position, he asserts, others view the OTC category overall as a convenience rather than a strategic category, and so miss an opportunity to bring new consumers to their HBW aisles.
CEA touts itself as the "voice of the energy consumer" but it's really a group of Republication flunkies, some may say lobbyists, working for this PR firm called HBW which is a front for Big Oil.
Hubwoo (Euronext: HBW.NX) said that Perfect Commerce S.A., has filed with the AMF an offer to acquire all of its shares outstanding.