HBWCHollow Base Wadcutter (cast bullet type)
HBWCHighland Business Women's Club (Inverness, Scotland, UK)
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In addition, we performed a small-scale translocation experiment within the Huntington Beach Wetlands Complex (HBWC) to test the microhabitat site fidelity of M.
HBWC is a 0.77 [km.sup.2] tidal creek estuary composed of three distinct tidal creek marshes: a fully-draining creek system created in 1989 (Talbert Marsh), a 1.8 m deep fully-inundated creek opened to tidal flushing in 2009 (Brookhurst Marsh), and a small tidal basin with connecting marsh creeks that opened to tidal flushing in 2011 (Magnolia Marsh).
Two Ruskin tide gauges (RBR Limited, Model TGR-2050P, 0-10 m working depth) were deployed for one-month intervals at six rotating locations in HBWC (Fig.
The Hornady HBWC was utilized three different ways --loaded as normal with the hollow base over the powder charge, upside down with the hollow base serving as a large-cavity HP and also loaded over black powder for use in antique .38 S&W Top-Break revolvers.
Next, on the topic of reversing HBWC bullets to make hollowpoint bullets similar to the Man-Stoppers, I have experimented with this approach in the 1894 Colt mentioned and also in an S&W Model 10.
In both revolvers, reversing the HBWC so that the hollow base is forward yielded the same results: At close range (seven yards), the bullets struck close to point of aim, but slightly larger groups than normal.
Weight Velocity Gel Wood Group .38 Special (gr.) (fps) (in.) (in.) (in.) Winchester FMJ 130 765 28 24 3.0 Black Hills Blue JHP 125 735 24 20 3.0 Remington HBWC 148 655 30 24 2.0 Oregon Trails DEWC * 148 657 36 38 2.0 * Author's handload Notes: Accuracy tested off sandbags at 25 yards.
We had a supply of Speer HBWC bullets loaded over 3.0 grs.
At one time .38 Special HBWC ammo was a staple of the big three ammo companies (this was before CCI/Speer started selling ammo).
Not too long ago, I did a lengthy test of .38 Special reloads using Speer's 148-grain HBWC. For a long time now, the standard target load with that type of bullet has been either 2.7 grains of Bullseye, or 3.0 grains of WW231.
HBWC 702 fps 1.406" 1.130" 1.161" 1.232" Remington 148 gr.
I shot handloads with HBWCs at 25 yards, but my 50-yard stuff came from the factory--whether it was Federal, Remington or Winchester.