HBWCHollow Base Wadcutter (cast bullet type)
HBWCHighland Business Women's Club (Inverness, Scotland, UK)
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californicus in BCFTB and HBWC using a Mann-Whitney U-test.
californicus tracked in BCFTB and those of individuals in HBWC using a Mann-Whitney U test.
General Additive Models (GAMs, R package 'gam') were used to test the effect of tide on habitat selection by sharks within HBWC and BCFTB.
There was no difference in the amount of space used by sharks tracked in HBWC and BCFTB using both 95% and 50% utilization distributions from Biased Random Bridges (Table 1, W = 64, p = 0.
californicus spent longer periods of time near the Lower Channel during both night and day time periods compared to any other available microhabitat in HBWC ([X.
Individuals tracked in the HBWC exhibited no difference in 95% and 50% utilization distributions or patch use size compared to those tracked in the BCFTB.
californicus in both HBWC and BCFTB appear to select areas with eelgrass ecotone, where the edges of eelgrass beds meet the bare soft substratum.
However, distance from estuary mouth does not appear to be related to foraging in HBWC, as individuals swim away from the ocean inlet in the Channel to microhabitats assumed to have high prey density, where armoring excludes tidal mudflats or restored wetland habitat.
HBWC marsh creeks typically had temperatures closer to what M.
Translocated individuals consistently returning to the HBWC Channel suggesting that this is a preferred microhabitat for the species.
2011) reported much higher CPUEs than those reported in HBWC (Whitcraft, unpub.
The HBWC project was funded by the Montrose Settlement Restoration Project.