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HBxHepatitis B Virus X Protein
HBxHard Button Extender
HBxHigh-Blast Explosive
HBxHepatitis B Protein X (virus)
HBxHigh Brisance Explosive (US Navy)
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If we just posted long videos, we knew people would not be engaged," says Ross Pearo, director of strategic alliances and initiatives for HBX.
Mullane recognized in an interview that this program has not yet finished defining its business model, and as a result HBX is still a complement to and not a replacement for business education as we know it.
Este se llama HBX Live y es un aula virtual en la que un profesor transmite su clase a 60 alumnos que se conectan en vivo desde otras regiones o paises.
The results of SDS-PAGE and western blot assays showed that HBX gene could be expressed in Hep G2 cell line.
HBX meters: deliver metering accuracy, performance, and reliability over a wide flow range for a broad array of application requirements.
The board of the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority -- the "HBX" -- wants the HBX to start life with a feature that will wow small-employer users.
WebSideStory HBX Analytics: An award-winning Web Analytics solution that delivers highly actionable information about web visitor behavior, enabling users to improve the performance of their online initiatives.
WebSideStory (NASDAQ:WSSI), has launched HBX Analytics 3.
HBX created an innovative platform to support the delivery of distinctive online business-focused offerings, including HBX CORe, a primer on the fundamentals of business.
The board of the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange (HBX) Authority has hired Mila Kofman to be the HBX executive director.
The ASHWAT component models are implemented in FORTRAN-90 and have been added to the HBX (Heat Balance eXperimental) application.
Por otro lado, se ha implicado en la hepatocarcinogenesis del VHB a la proteina viral HBX debido a su actividad transactivadora y a la posible interferencia con la proteina p53 y con proteinas celulares implicadas en los mecanismos de reparacion de ADN.