HBYHow Be You?
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The consequences for correct responses for Subjects ADS, HBY, and MIB also included presentation of a small piece of cookie, M&M candy, or penny, respectively.
three of every four correct responses followed by reinforcers on average) and VR 2 for Subjects MIB, WDI, JFO, HBY, and ADS; and VR 1.
For Subjects MIB, WDI, JFO, HBY, ADS, and KRK, each condition continued until they met the acquisition criterion for the initial discrimination and received reversal training for 10 sessions, including five sessions with each stimulus as the S+, for a total of 20 sessions with reversal training (10 high and 10 low).
HBY no means all rural idylls are out of bounds in these foot-and-mouth times.