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HBcAgHepatitis B Core Antigen
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It is characterized by HBsAg negativity in serum with the presence of antibody against HBcAg (anti-HBc) positivity with or without detectable antibody against HBsAg (anti-HBs).
At residue 77 of HBcAg, there is a G-C (Glu to Gln) switch in nucleotide 2129 (Glu77Gln; codons GAA to CAA) that is accompanied by a change in charge from acidic to polar uncharged (but no change in secondary structure), as well as an A-Y (Glu to Asp) change in nucleotide 2131 (GAA to GAY), which is accompanied by a change in secondary structure from alpha-helix to turn-and-loop (but no change in charge).
Processed sections of the specimen were deparaffinized, washed with buffer, and incubated overnight with commercially available primary monoclonal murine or rabbit antibodies to HBcAg, HBx, and the stem cell markers: EpCAM, Oct-4, Nanog, and Notch.
Immunohistochemical staining of liver tissue showed HBcAg in nuclei of some hepatocytes with a patchy distribution (Figure 2, panel B).
The core is made up of DNA and the core antigen (HBcAg).
Almost 1.27 million of these patients are treatable and HBcAg accounts for 35%.
En la ultima decada se han desarrollado nuevas tecnicas serologicas que detectan antigeno-core (HBcAg) en suero, y tambien nuevos metodos de biologia molecular, denominadas tecnicas de amplificacion del ADN genomico "nucleic acid testing" (NAT), que permiten la deteccion de particulas del ADN viral de la hepatitis B, independientemente de la fase en la que se encuentre la infeccion virica, mediante la realizacion de PCR (reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa) (9).
falciparum CSP + MVA expressing CSP ICC- Rec HBcAg expressing 1 B-cell 1132.CS (NANP tandem repeat sequences) and 2 T-cell epitopes of P.
HBV core antigen and e antigen (HBcAg and HBeAg) are produced by the same region of the viral genome and are found in infectious particles.