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HBeAgHepatitis B Virus Early Antigen
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"HBV has many tricks to mess up the host immune system for maintaining a persistent infection, HBeAg is one of the culprits.
HBcrAg: HBV "core" ile iliskili antijen (HBcrAg), HBeAg ve "pre-core" proteini (p22cr) kapsamaktadir.
The HBsAg level from HepG2.RL1 was very low even in the drug-free group (data not shown) and hence the evaluation was based only on HBeAg. The dose-response relationship showed that lamivudine did not inhibit HBeAg secretion at the highest concentration (100 [micro]M) in HepG2.RL1 cells, whereas wild-type HBV showed considerable inhibition (Fig.
A comparison of pre- and post-treatment HBeAg positivity in the 3 groups showed no significant changes based on McNemar's test (lamividune [p=0.250], entecavir [p=0.125], and tenofovir [p=0.453] groups).
Secondly, variations at positions 1809-1812 from the EcoRI site in the Kozak sequence of the precore/core open reading frame, characteristic of subgenotype A1, have an effect on HBeAg expression at the translational level.
Chronic HBV infection in IT phase was diagnosed as HBsAg positive more than 6 months, HBeAg positive, HBV-DNA >107 U/ml, persistent normal ALT level (<40 U/L), or mild inflammation and fibrosis in histological examination; CHB was diagnosed as HBsAg positive more than 6 months, HBeAg positive, ALT abnormal (>200 U/L) for more than 3 months, or obvious inflammation in liver by histological examination;[15] Healthy individuals were subjects with negative for HBV biomarkers, and ALT normal (<40 U/L).
reported that the HBeAg seroconversion rate was quite comparable between genotype A- and D-infected persons; however spontaneous HBsAg seroconversion and biochemical remission were seen more often in persons infected with genotype A than with genotype D (44).
The risk of MTCT among infants born to HBV-infected mothers ranges from 10 to 40% in HBeAg negative mothers and to as high as 90% in HBeAg-positive mothers with HBV deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) level (>200,000IU/ml, equivalent to 6 log copies/ml).
Chronic HBV infection was defined as the persistent positivity of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), HBeAg, and antibody to hepatitis B core antigen (anti-HBc) for more than 6 months [31].