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HC2Hybrid Capture 2
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A person who is entitled to help may be able to claim a refund if s/he paid a charge before s/he requested or received an HC2 or HC3.
Panel B documents quarterly holding changes of mutual funds on sued firms, HC1 and HC2, over the past four quarters leading up to the quarter of the CPE.
In addition, HC2 Network has signed a definitive acquisition agreement with Northstar Media, LLC a licensee of numerous broadcast television licenses in the US.
Phillip Falcone, the chief executive officer of HC2 Holdings Inc., the parent of Continental Insurance, says HC2 is maintaining significant LTCI servicing capabilities in Austin, Texas, as the Continental Insurance home office, to support future growth.
An additional sample for the detection of HPV DNA was taken from the cervix by using the sampling kit for the Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2; Qiagen, Hilden, Germany).
(OTC: DBMG), a family of companies providing fully integrated steel construction services, and an operating subsidiary of HC2 Holdings Inc.
In terms of testing platform, 323 laboratories used Hybrid Capture 2 (HC2; Qiagen, Gaithersburg, Maryland), 279 laboratories used Cervista (Hologic, Bedford, Massachusetts), 187 laboratories used Aptima (Hologic), 183 laboratories used cobas (Roche, Pleasanton, California), 35 laboratories used laboratory-developed tests, 176 laboratories used unspecified commercial kits (assays that are usually not available in the United States and may represent responses from international subscribers), and 80 laboratories used other (noncommercial) methods (a mixture of methods that were either not specified or illegible).
DMi is an indirectly held subsidiary of HC2 Holdings Inc, a publicly traded holding company with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, the home of the NASCAR industry.
They concluded that HPV-triage with HC2 for assay can be recommended because it has higher accuracy (significantly higher sensitivity, and similar specificity) than repeat cytology.
Proof could be their HC2 certificate, or income support.
Pocos dias despues, Hatcher y Peterson se trasladan hacia el oeste, cruzando la divisoria de aguas, para establecer un segundo campamento (HC2, de aqui en mas; Fig.
Although these eight studies differed significantly in the composition of the referral population for colposcopy (the majority enrolling women with abnormal cytology of any grade), the absolute clinical sensitivity of RealTime, as well as its sensitivity relative to the clinically validated comparator test Hybrid Capture[R] 2 HPV DNA Test (HC2) (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany), were consistently high for both CIN2+ and CIN3+ in all studies performed to date (Table 1).