HC4Human Chromosome 4
HC4Helicopterborne Command and Control Communications Central
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Concentric areas of decreasingly suitable habitat (HC3 and HC4) surround the most suitable areas and continue south along most of coastal California and the coastal/inland mountain ranges to the border with Mexico.
We also found that an increase with one unit in HC4 (auxiliary services), increases the dependent variable with 4.1325 *** ([+ or -] 0.4378) units and is statistically significant at a 0.01 level.
HC4 The total number of working days for the nurse should be between the maximum and minimum range.
Only 26 (HC1, HC2, HC3, HC4, HC5, SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4, SC5, SC6, SC7, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7, OC2, OC3, OC4, OC5, OC7, OC10, and OC11) have been found momentous constituents of Intellectual Capital as per Indian service sector.
Sabemos que el 23 de enero de 1897 partieron desde Sierra Ventana hacia el oeste y tambien que el 1[grados] de marzo se desplazaron desde el HC4 para recorrer--en una excursion corta--la region del glaciar Narvaez.
1199 SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund Health Careers Core Curriculum (HC4) Program
(85.) ING Baring Archives, HC4.1.71 1890 (contract including four clauses that Baring extracted from the Government in an intensive negotiation: (1) a pledge of customs revenues; (2) no external borrowing for three years; (3) a reduction of the monetary base in order to appreciate the peso; and (4) the approval of a law requiring that fifty percent of customs revenues be payable in gold).
HC4: Existence of employees with capacity to energize and motivate other employees
En la hojarasca de la cuenca 1 (HC1) las familias dominantes fueron Isotomidae (5,9%), Sminthuridae (5,2%) y Entomobryidae (4,8%); en la hojarasca de la cuenca 4 (HC4) lo fueron Isotomidae (8%), Sminthuridae (6,3%) y Entomobryidae (4%); en el suelo de la cuenca 1 (SC1) Entomobryidae (10,4%), Isotomidae (6,6%) y Sminthuridae (3%) y, finalmente, en el suelo de la cuenca 4 (SC4) fueron Entomobryidae (9,7%), Isotomidae (8,9%) y las familias Hypogastruridae y Sminthuridae que tuvieron un porcentaje similar (2,4% y 2,3%, respectivamente).
Ads for Slim-Fast, for instance, claim to "control hunger for up to 4 hours" with the addition of HC4, a special formulation of "protein, fiber and lipids." Dr.
Tanshinone IIA (T-IIA) and tanshinone I (T-I) were purified by a recrystallization step with MeOH from subtractions HC4 and HC6, respectively.