HCAAHealth Care Administrators Association (Reston, VA)
HCAAHellenic Civil Aviation Authority (Greece)
HCAAHorizon Central Athletic Association (Canada)
HCAAHillsborough County Aviation Authority (Florida)
HCAAHebrew Christian Alliance of America
HCAANational CPA Health Care Advisors Association
HCAAHigh-Capacity Air-To-Air Missile (Ace Combat game)
HCAAHealth Care Accountability Act
HCAAHeartland Community Action Agency (Minnesota)
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Vermonters." (150) More specifically, the HCAA aims to achieve
There are three major provisions of the HCAA that promote the goal
provisions, the primary vehicle for HCAA's universal coverage goal
First, the definition of "uninsured" under the HCAA
services." (170) Focusing specifically on chronic care, the HCAA
Along with Catamount, there are two other HCAA provisions directed
statistics, the HCAA has yet to demonstrate much success in encouraging
The executive director of the HCAA has now abandoned the proposal.