HCAAFHuman Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (US government)
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Another good way to guide the definition of HC goals is to look at HCAAF requirements and ask the question, "How do we address HCAAF requirements in a succinct way?
For example, a hypothetical HC goal might be to improve the recruitment process (which falls under the HCAAF talent management area), but the metrics need to be more precise and measurable than improving the process, for example, including such goals as reducing the time it takes to get a candidate on board by half, improving the acceptance rate among top candidates by 100 percent, or both.
The HCAAF prescribes development of an accountability plan for all HC initiatives.
The next step was translating the HCAAF standards into a set of specific outcome measures.
In turning the HCAAF outcomes into metrics, the IRS adhered to three design principles that served it well: