HCABHealth Care Advisory Board
HCABHonors College Advisory Board (University of Illinois at Chicago)
HCABHunting Canada and Beyond (TV show)
HCABHumanized Chimeric Antibody
HCABHuman Companion Animal Bonding (psychology)
HCABHuman Carbonic Anhydrase B
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Harbour BioMed CEO, Jingsong Wang, said, 'In about a year's time, our scientists have moved our leading HCAb molecule into IND enabling stage.
In conjunction with the agreement, WuXi Biologics' first collaborative project is based on novel fully human antibody platform - HCAb (heavy chain only antibodies).
Schoenberg's Klaviersuite, op 25, in which the HCAB motive appears as the final tetrachord of the prime row, is a much more likely model for "Simbolo." The Musette, in particular, exploits the RI invariant property--a quality not exploited in the Variations.
Given the importance of the bond between companion animals and humans, the purpose of this study was to explore what social work practitioners know and are doing in relation to the HCAB. The three major questions guiding the research were as follows: (1) Do social work practitioners have exposure to and knowledge of the HCAB in relation to social work issues (for example, health, family, children)?
The research questions were operationalized as 38 questions designed to obtain information regarding exposure to information on the HCAB and knowledge and integration of the HCAB into social work practice.
The measures used are believed to provide some preliminary indication of how much participants know about different but critical aspects of the HCAB.
Immunization of an alpaca with recombinant E2 resulted in the production of anti-E2 heavy chain-only Abs (HCAbs) with specificity for the E2 ectodomain [76].
However, the 15kDa nanobodies (Nb) derived from camelid heavy-chain antibodies (HCAbs) that recognize variant-specific VSG epitopes can efficiently lyse trypanosomes both in vitro and in vivo [121].