HCACHeartland Collegiate Athletic Conference
HCACHealth Care for All Colorado
HCACHackensack Cultural Arts Center (Hackensack, NJ)
HCACHaywood County Arts Council (North Carolina)
HCACHoly Cross Anglican Communion
HCACHoly Cross Anglican Church (various locations)
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Tim Carroll, the vice president of small business engagement at Deluxe Corp, a marketing platform for small enterprises, estimated that 50% to 70% of start-ups usually shut their doors within 18 months[2] - which means that it is already a feat for start-ups like HCAC to make it to their second year anniversaries.
HCAC is proud to bring something of this caliber to Jordan.
Carnevale, who is working with the Textron team, said the HCAC gives the Navy a flexible design that can be adapted to various missions and burns considerably less fuel than high-performance mono-hull ships.
With Iskander's hire, HCAC immediately becomes national player in potentially lucrative radio frequency (RF) wireless research field (IP royalties on inventions, spinoff companies).
In this stock for stock transaction, the current Encore shareholders will acquire over 80 percent of the ownership on a fully diluted basis of the combined entity and the Encore Board of Directors and management will become the Board (along with three members of the current HCAC Board) and management of the resulting company.
The aggregate consideration payable upon closing will be USD626 million, consisting entirely of newly issued shares of HCAC common stock at a value of USD10.
Assuming approval of the charter proposals at the HCAC special meeting of shareholders which will take place on February 20, 2015 (the "Special Meeting"), the company will appoint Mr.
Aa HCAC has become the third health care accreditation organization in the world to gain all three international accreditations set by ISQua.
As of this writing, HCAC had a number of initiatives under way, related to Wireless Waikiki.
Precision collet work can be done on all brands of jaw chuck machines using a HCAC collet adaptation chuck.
Encore") announced Thursday that it has entered into a letter of intent with Healthcare Acquisition Corporation ("HCAC") for HCAC to make a significant investment in Encore.
Sabry Hamzah said that over the past years, the project, in partnership with the Ministry of Health Quality Directorate as well as Health Directorates in various areas of the Kingdom, prepared 120 health centers to receive accreditation from the HCAC.