HCAHHays County Animal Hospital (San Marcos, TX)
HCAHHendricks County Animal Hospital (est. 1987; Danville, IN)
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HCAH provides mandatory six-week in-house training to its personnel, followed by regular refresher courses and an examination.
HCAH is exploring partnerships with insurance companies for pre-policy check-ups, post-operative care and ICU at Home services for people covered under an insurance plan to bring down the claim cost.
HCAH claims to have grown by a hundred times since its inception and has serviced 300,000 patients.
Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO of HCAH, noted, "This JV will help HCAH increase its service offerings to the healthcare & life sciences sector.
Speaking about the collaboration, ItaruTanimura, Representative Director of M3, added, "We are pleased to collaborate with HCAH which we view as the leading home health care provider in India.
The HCAH experts interacted with them and offered psychological help to those feeling low in life.
Each member of HCAH team was profoundly touched by this initiative.
The HCAH and health experts employees also served lunch to the people at the NGO, making them feel good and a part of society.
HCAH provides mandatory six weeks' in- house training to its personnel followed by regular refresher courses and an examination.
This allows HCAH to monitor services provided in real time.