HCANHealth Care for America Now (grassroots campaign)
HCANHitachi Controller Area Network
HCANHudson Climate Action Network (Hudson, MA)
HCANHockey Canada (governing body of Canadian hockey)
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Despite significant funding from Atlantic Philanthropies and several other foundations, nonprofits, and unions, HCAN and other reform supporters did not have the financial clout to go toe-to-toe against the treasuries of organizations opposing reform, such as the U.
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Like HCAN, Families USA is also preparing a public-information campaign of its own to defend the law and to influence the states' responses.
Created in June 2008, HCAN raised more than $40 million from liberal foundations and unions--a small sum compared to the hundreds of millions spent by industry lobbies but enough to emerge as a serious player.
Because of the trust and experience of the core leadership team, HCAN was able to be flexible and strategic about targeting resources--staff and money--where they were needed at different times.
HCAN was one of several groups created to play similar inside-outside roles in the Obama era.
HCAN chairwoman Carole Pattison said: "We were hugely impressed with the high quality of the films submitted as well as the eclectic nature of the subject matter, from a short that imagined aliens descending on Huddersfield to an animated story about a child soldier.
HCAN, a not-for-profit, community-led organisation, designed the event as a preview for a film incubator planned for later this year and the call is still out for short films to be included in this later event.
The speakers, Phil Woof of Comedia, Hugh Goulbourne of Huddersfield Creative Arts Network HCAN, and Mike Dove, of Dove Haigh Phillips, spoke positively about the town and invited ideas from members.
Noah Burton from Extra Curricular has already written to HCAN asking for help.
Hugh Goulbourne, HCAN convener, says: "A lot of the events are interactive.
Launching HCAN, Leeds MP and chairman of the All-Party Committee on Climate Change, Colin Challen said: "We need to spend a little more now on mitigating climate change to avoid a lot of damage and higher costs in the next decade.