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HCBHenri Cartier-Bresson (French photographer; 1908-2004)
HCBHospital Clínica Benidorm (Spanish healthcare)
HCBHospital Cash Benefit (insurance)
HCBHighland Capital Brokerage (various locations)
HCBHidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (Portuguese: Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric; Mozambique)
HCBHazardous Cargo Bulletin (est. 1980; magazine)
HCBHarrison College of Business (Southeast Missouri State University)
HCBHalf Circle Back (motion; gaming)
HCBHuman Capacity Building
HCBHood Canal Bridge (Washington)
HCBHoly Cow Batman
HCBHybrid-Composite Beam (engineering)
HCBHampshire Cricket Board (UK)
HCBHerpetological Conservation and Biology (journal)
HCBHealth Certification Board (Paw Paw, MI)
HCBHuman Capital Board (US IRS)
HCBHollow Concrete Block
HCBHouse Connection Branch (plumbing)
HCBHouston Concert Band (Houston, TX)
HCBHard Carbon Brush
HCBHackettstown Community Band (Hackettstown, NJ)
HCBHealth Care Beneficiary
HCBHobart City Band (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
HCBHigh Class Bituminous (roadway structural rating)
HCBHTML (HyperText Markup Language) Comment Box (widget)
HCBHouston College of the Bible (Texas)
HCBHamilton Concert Band (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
HCBHertfordshire Concert Band (University of Hertfordshire)
HCBHawaii County Band (Hilo, HI)
HCBHarmonie Concert Band (UK)
HCBHanover Concert Band (Ashland, VA)
HCBHeights Concert Band (St. Louis, MO)
HCBHaywood Community Band (Hazelwood, NC)
HCBHuntington Community Band (Huntington, NY)
HCBHenrico Concert Band (Richmond, VA)
HCBHuntsville Concert Band (Huntsville, AL)
HCBHeight of Cloud Base (meteorology)
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On consummation of the proposals, both the Metro New York City and Philadelphia banking markets would become less concentrated, as measured by the HHI, because of the proposed conversion of HCB from a savings association to a full-service bank, and numerous competitors would remain.
Between 0 and 12 weeks of pregnancy, there were not statistically significant associations between OC concentrations and fetal outcomes except in the case of cord HCB (-2.
Distribution pattern of PCBs, HCB and PeCB using passive air and soil sampling in Estonia.
Two adults were preparing an HCB from hydrochloric acid and aluminum when it prematurely exploded.
A long term outcome of this research will be a general structural analysis framework that can be used by DOTs to design HCBs as rapidly constructible bridge components," the authors say.
En 2011, los HCB cubrieron cerca del 54% de la poblacion pobre del pais entre los 0 y 5 anos, que equivale aproximadamente al 13% del total de ninos de este grupo etario en Colombia.
Together with Professor Robert Riener of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and Professor Ulrich Bleul of the Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich, HCB then developed a novel sophisticated laboratory model to simulate the effect of vaginal friction during childbirth, in order to evaluate gel formulations designed to reduce the physical forces acting on the fetus during birth.
The initial HCB range included sizes up to 8mm diameter: that has been extended to DN80 with a flow rate of 600litres/min.
HCB couplings are clean break, non-spill design, eliminating any ingress of air into the circuits on connection or spillage on disconnection.
The Stockholm Convention lists nine intentionally-produced chemicals (aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, endrin, hexachlorobenzene or HCB, heptachlor, mirex, toxaphene and PCBs) which are subject to a ban on production and use except where there are generic or specific exemptions.