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Due to the lengthy policy process, some policies influenced by CMHH and HCBD were not adopted by the end of the projects.
In the case of HCBD, informal and personal relationships were formed between local/ regional public health staff and municipal planners and engineers and were recognized as more effective for collaborating across sectors than the previous practice of health staff providing written comments on documents for their planning counterparts.
Creating new staff positions or reallocating existing staff was a pathway used to support cross-sectoral policy work across both CMHH and HCBD.
For instance, in some HCBD municipalities, local public health staff were invited to participate on the planning departments' technical advisory committees in reviewing land use policies and provide expert commentary and evidence to ensure policy decisions included health considerations.
High levels of HCBD were discovered at Weston, which overlooks the sprawling former ICI plant at Runcorn, two years ago.
Minor kidney problems were found in about 35 Weston Village residents who were examined following the scare, raising concerns the complaints were related to the HCBD leak, but no link was established.
They were tested after HCBD was found to be seeping from the nearby quarries, which were used by ICI from 1917 until the 1960s.
HCBD was discovered in the village foundations and it was later found that gas had seeped into some homes.
We expect HCBD to play a vital role in TAMS future and we are confident that Mr.