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The HCBD Strategy also tackles several of the operational challenges discussed by Schneider, Lyle, and Murphy by outlining six guiding principles that should be practiced within the HCE.
Here, the HCBD strategy recognizes the expertise required in the emerging field of data science and calls for the implementation of certification standards for those who manage, analyze, and use HCE data.
After publishing the HCBD Strategy, the working group moved toward preparing the HCBD implementation plan, which was approved in August 2017.
In documenting HCBD's successes, one public health CLASP member reported: "We have been told by municipal staff that there are many built environment policies that [public health] was instrumental in supporting: if [we] had not been a strong supporter of policies for connected neighbourhood centres and active transportation, it is quite possible that these policies would have been diluted in the Plan.
Two CLASP1 projects, CMHH (Box 1) and HCBD (Box 2), focused on increasing the number of Canadians who are physically active wholly, or in large part, through the creation of supportive built environments.
While all CLASP projects were multidisciplinary, CMHH and HCBD were distinct in their multisectoral approaches (Box 3).
However, significant differences were found as samples from Dehcho had higher concentrations of endosulfan sulfate, HCBD, [SIGMA]PFSAs, PFHxS, PFUNA, and [SIGMA]PCB; South Slave had higher [gamma]-HCH, octachlorobornanes, and [SIGMA]mono-di- PCBs (Tables S10A, S10B).
Concentrations of other contaminants such as PCBs and HCBD in vegetation from this region are unknown precluding any dietary comparisons.
Most of the 250 properties have acceptable levels of HCBD but the 37 condemned properties were built on quarry rubble near a disposal site, making it easier for vapours to pass.
Thirty of those buildings have unacceptable levels of HCBD and the remaining seven have lower levels but were earmarked for demolition as a precaution.
Thirty had unacceptable levels of HCBD and seven others with "elevated" levels will be flattened as a precaution.
About 35 Weston Village residents suffered kidney problems two years ago after HCBD seeped from the former ICI plant.