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Agenda items will include background and progress updates on the HCBS Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey, the Experience of Care (EOC) Survey and the Functional Assessment Standardized Items (FASI), and how these tools can be used at state and local levels.
HCBS use was examined in total and a priori stratified into health (care management, visiting nurse services, physical therapy, speech/occupational therapy, transportation to health services, adaptive/assistive supplies), social (social day care, congregate meals, companion services, patient support group), and support services (in-home respite care, home delivered meals, homemaker/housekeeping, live-in paid caregiver, client education training services).
dollars were spent for HCBS, but by 2011 HCBS represented 50.
Similarly, when the AIP group was compared to the HCBS group, the AIP group had statistically significant (p<0.
In 2010, 28 states had Medicaid HCBS 1915(c) waivers that provided optional transportation services to 65,542 older adults or adults with physical disabilities at a cost of nearly $62 million (4) (see table 1).
The remaining beneficiaries, who were (1) not in an institution and (2) not receiving Medicaid HCBS or Medicare home health benefits, constituted nearly 75 percent of the study population at any given point in time.
92) A spouse who is desperately attempting to care for their spouse with dementia at home, but cannot afford home health care, is often times forced to move their spouse to institutional care because HCBS services are not available in the home.
To continue to be relevant, traditional nursing home providers need to embrace HCBS options, such as adult day health services.
Services that can be offered under an HCBS waiver range from traditional medical services, such as dental care and skilled nursing services, to nonmedical services, such as case management and environment modification.
When providing testimony on a proposed bill to expand HCBS, one state commissioner's remarks included the observation that ".
This first step in the effort to simplify the HCBS delivery process focused on access to services.