HCCAHealth Care Compliance Association (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
HCCAHCF (Hybrid Coordinator Function) Controlled Channel Access
HCCAHealth Care Consent Act (Canada)
HCCAHealthy Child Care America
HCCAHybrid Coordination Function Controlled Channel Access (wireless networking)
HCCAHorseless Carriage Club of America
HCCAHigh Country Citizens' Alliance (Crested Butte, CO)
HCCAHistory of Civilizations of Central Asia
HCCAHamilton-Clermont Cooperative Association (Cincinnati, Ohio)
HCCAHeavy Construction Contractors Association (Manassas, VA)
HCCAAlpha-Cyano-4-Hydroxy Cinamic Acid
HCCAHealth Care Coverage and Access Task Force (New Mexico)
HCCAHollywood Council of Civic Associations (Florida)
HCCAHuman Care Charities of America
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HCCA serves more than 11,500 compliance and ethics professionals, offers more than 50 meetings a year, and publishes Compliance Today, a monthly magazine for its members.
The physicians argued that "treatment" under the HCCA is
While the end of life context poses difficult ethical dilemmas for physicians, this does not alter the conclusion that withdrawal of life support constitutes treatment requiring consent under the HCCA," she wrote for the majority.
4) The Supreme Court of Canada found that the withdrawal of treatment did, in fact, fall under the broad category of "treatment" and was therefore subject to all of the limitations of physician authority and dispute resolution mechanisms outlined in the HCCA.
46) The province has multiple pieces of legislation that regulate the mental health sector, particularly the MHA, which sets out the procedures and requirements for involuntary committal, and the HCCA, which does the same for capacity to consent to or refuse medical treatment.
According to Justice Karakatsanis, the HCCA codifies the common law and does not give patients or their SDMs the right to treatment that is "futile, harmful, or contrary to professional medical standards of care.
1 of the Ontario HCCA and find that the tribunal still has authority to provide a remedy under section 24(1).
The course will be at HCCA (Holbrooks Community Care Association), Holbrooks Lane, Coventry, CV6 4DE from 12.
has also codified the HCCA in the International Child Abduction Remedies Act, 42 U.
The younger Townsend represents the future of vintage clubs such as the HCCA, and he's clearly hooked.
The CCB, established under the HCCA, is an independent tribunal that adjudicates consent and capacity issues under a variety of acts with the intent of balancing the rights of the vulnerable and public safety: see http://www.
Dependant spouses could claim HCCA which was an alternative to a spouse tax rebate payable to the principal earner; and