HCCAPHepatitis C Caring Ambassadors Program (Vancouver, WA)
HCCAPHealth Care Consumer Assistance Program (disabled persons health care assistance; Trenton, NJ)
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The primary goal of HCCAP during Hepatitis Awareness Month is to increase awareness of the hepatitis C epidemic.
For additional information about the HCCAP Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign, chronic hepatitis C, the Hepatitis C Epidemic Prevention and Control Act, or the Hepatitis C Caring Ambassadors Program, contact Lorren Sandt at 1-877-737-4372 or lorren@hepcchallenge.
HCCAP Managing Ambassador Lorren Sandt said of the Proclamation and the Hepatitis C Awareness observance, "Oregon is in a difficult situation, as is every state.
The HCCAP Activist Resource Center will help on all of these fronts.
The HCCAP Activist Resource Center provides one more tool to help the community have a united voice.
HCCAP is offering printed copies of "Hepatitis C Choices" for $15, the cost of production and shipping.
HCCAP congratulates and lauds the efforts of Senators Hutchison, Kennedy, Smith, Daschle and other cosponsors of S-1143 for introducing legislation to bring the currently unchecked HCV epidemic under control.