HCCWHispanic Chamber of Commerce - Wisconsin
HCCWHealthy Child Care Washington (Olympia, WA)
HCCWHowlett Clarke Crowther Wood (Sussex, England, UK)
HCCWHobby Caravan Center Wusterhausen (Germany)
HCCWHighland Cattle Club of Wales (UK)
HCCWHarris County Child Welfare (Texas)
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Prior to the political unrest that derailed all major infrastructure planning in Cairo in 2012, HCCW had been planning to build three small capacity desalination plants under public-private partnership arrangements.
This recognition was based on GSH's leadership, guidance, and numerous years of pro bono legal counsel to the HCCW and minority business communities throughout the region; establishment of the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), as well as advocacy for the utilization of these firms; and a genuine commitment and firm belief in our urban community's strengths, development and progress.
Abbreviations: ADE acid detergent fiber; ADL, acid detergent lignin; CEL, cellulose; CELCW, proportion of cellulose in the cell wall; CE crude protein; CW, total cell wall; DM, dry matter; EIR, ethanol insoluble residue; EIRCE ethanol insoluble residue crude protein; EIROM, ethanol insoluble residue organic matter; IVDMD, in vitro dry matter digestibility; HC, hemicellulose; HCCW, proportion of hemicellulose in the cell wall; NIRS, near infrared reflectance spectroscopy; NDE neutral detergent fiber; NDFCE neutral detergent fiber crude protein; NDSE neutral detergent-soluble fiber; NDSFCW, proportion of NDSF in the cell wall.