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HCDHuman-Centered Design (problem-solving philosophy)
HCDHousing and Community Development
HCDHeavy Chain Disease
HCDHardware Configuration Definition
HCDHyundai California Design Center
HCDHealth Care Directive (legal document)
HCDHardware Configuration Definition (IBM mainframes)
HCDHuman Capital Division
HCDHealth Care Delivery
HCDHuman Capacity Development
HCDHockey Club Davos (Swiss Ice Hockey Club)
HCDHistidine-Containing Dipeptide (nutrition)
HCDHost Controller Device
HCDHate Crew Deathroll (Children of Bodom music album)
HCDHyundai California Design (concept car)
HCDHuman Chagas Disease
HCDHuman cDNA Database
HCDHadfield Cawkwell Davidson (UK architectural firm)
HCDHardware Command Decoder (Cassini mission; US NASA)
HCDHappy Columbus Day
HCDHealth Care DataWorks, LLC
HCDHernia, Congenital Diaphragmatic
HCDHuman Collapse Diseases/Disorders
HCDHot City Destroyers (Phoenix, AZ track bike crew)
HCDHard Copy Device
HCDHazard Control Department
HCDHyperion Certified Developer (Oracle)
HCDHydraulic Component Design
HCDHardware Command Distribution
HCDHighest Conditional Density
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In fact, whether you're a design professional or vendor/manufacturer, you'll find numerous opportunities via HCD to build on these important partnerships throughout the year.
Several surgical exposure variables associated with increased odds of case status were further tested for association with exposure to cardiopulmonary bypass with HCD using the Fisher exact test.
GRID Impact, a global research, innovation and design firm, was commissioned by Karandaaz Pakistan to develop a user friendly, responsive design of a smartphone application for mobile money with a special emphasis on the less literate through employing a very creative and empathetic HCD methodology with user and provider engagement built systematically into the process.
Rats fed a HCD resulted in significant increase in total cholesterol and LDL levels compared to the SCD.
Rats fed with HCD for 6 weeks had significant increase in ALT (Figure 1(a)) and AST (Figure 1(b)) levels (P < 0.
ASTD-STADA's strategic partnership will harness the HCD eco-system in Asia Pacific and support the Singapore Government's aim of developing the nation as a HCD hub.
Because Jeane needed more complex work than can be done in the home, the HCD team arranged transportation to its office in San Francisco, where all the work was done in about four hours.
At the time this story begins, many retention packages and water treatment systems were using dual polymer systems comprised of LMW and HCD polymers followed by a much higher molecular weight cationic or anionic flocculant.
We hope the HCD will insist that the owner puts in an all-weather, year-around access to that park that could withstand heavy rains like we've just gone through,'' he said.
In many parts of Birmingham the council appears to have introduced the HCD machine for clearing the pavements of leaves during the autumn.
Through the implementation of HLI's Language Engine, HCD is able to normalize financial, administrative, clinical and research data for a unified view of information, without losing granularity.
One of the highlights of the HCD Expo was our incredible "Havana Nights" networking party sponsored by KI.