HCDMHuman Capital Development and Management
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The purpose of the Pilot Program is: (1) to allow HCDMs to login to the general System and become familiar with some of the features and functionalities, including the initial versions of an eRequest Tool and Manufacturer Directory; (2) to provide a time period for manufacturers to determine if they will make their product dossiers available on the AMCP eDossier System after its official launch; and (3) to gather feedback from HCDMs regarding the usefulness of the System's offerings to support their decision making processes.
Platforms developed by Dymaxium support the efforts of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturers to demonstrate product value to HCDMs who are faced with the critical task of making informed, evidence-based decisions.
Subsequently, Chief Human Capital Officers are looking for HCDM solutions that will enable them to implement management systems to tie people, strategy and operational processes together successfully.
Saba Express is a high-availability Internet suite of hosted applications that enables customers to begin with a small HCDM project and with little start-up time, deploy rapidly and grow the system as needs change over time.
Saba Express is the industry's first and only hosted HCDM solution that offers seamless migration to a completely integrated on-premise Saba HCDM application.
Saba Express reflects our commitment to bring proven HCDM solutions to a new class of users in a dramatically faster, easier, and more affordable way.