HCEEPHandicapped Children's Early Education Program
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Research Institutes In 1977, BEH established a new component of the HCEEP, the Early Childhood Research Institutes, to address the need for long-term research in typical service settings.
A second evaluation was conducted in 1981 to look at the impact of HCEEP on the service delivery system.
The evaluators concluded that the accomplishments of the HCEEP projects were "greater and more varied than for any other documented education programs we have been able to identify" (Roy Littlejohn Associates, 1982, p.
HCEEP emphasized the importance of continuation funding and assisted projects to plan for obtaining it.
For every HCEEP dollar invested in demonstration or outreach, $18.
HCEEP was also instrumental in the creation of networks as a vehicle for interaction among individuals interested in early childhood.
The level of activity in ECSE stimulated by HCEEP was far greater than anyone could have hoped.