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HCFCHarris County Flood Control District (est. 1937; Texas)
HCFCHull City Football Club (the Sleeping Giant)
HCFCHouse of Commons Finance Committee (Canada)
HCFCHarambee Christian Family Center (Pasadena, CA)
HCFCHealth Care Facilities Committee (various locations)
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HCFCs were introduced in the 1990s as alternative chemicals for CFCs and added to the list of substances controlled by the Montreal Protocol.
Detailed discussions were held on the HCFCs control and role of customs to curb illegal trade was also discussed.
HCFCs, while a better alternative to CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons, are compounds, gases or liquids, that hurt the ozone layer that prevents direct exposure of human to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
Bahrain also plans to reduce HCFCs by 10pc in 2015, by 67.
Of these HCFCs, Paje said the DENR will prioritise the phase-out of HCFC-141b because it has the most ozone-depleting potential.
The regulations were amended in 2010 to include HCFC and HCFC-based equipment in the licensing and quota system.
Preparing for HCFC phase--out: Fundamentals of uses, alternatives, implications and funding for Article 5 countries, 199pp, 2009, Vienna, Austria
Alem disso, o patrocinio da producao de HCFC-22 pelo MDL atentaria contra o PM, que aprovou financiar a futura substituicao dos HCFC por substancias sem efeito sobre a camada de ozono.
These non ODP replacement refrigerants are available now with reclaimed R22 and other HCFC blends available from 2010 through its distribution partners Climate Centre, RPW and NRW.
The famous Belgian chocolate maker performed this retrofit in anticipation of the ban on virgin HCFC 22 refrigerant fluid for refrigeration equipment maintenance coming into force on December 31st 2009 as directed by European regulation 2037/2000.
The new restrictions proposed by the EU call on developing countries to start implementing cutbacks in 2007 instead of 2016, and to dramatically reduce HCFC production between 2014 and 2030.
Washington, for instance, has refused to accelerate the HCFC phase-out or to close a loophole that allows methyl bromide (MB) use in developing countries even after 2005, when it is phased out in developed countries.