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HCFSHealth Care Financial Services (billing; various locations)
HCFSHost Controller Functional State (programming)
HCFSHaliburton County Folk Society (Canada)
HCFSHall County Fire Services (Gainesville, GA)
HCFSHousehold Commercial Financial Services (Prospect Heights, IL)
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Triage systems did not fully prevent Ebola patients from being admitted to HCFs rather than ETUs.
These eight patients were treated by HCFs despite the universal requirement of triage.
Sterile HCF of sheep revealed only one polypeptide band of 123kDa (log MW 2.
Sterile HCF of goat revealed only one polypeptide band of 78kDa (log MW 1.
In so-doing, it provides insight into enabling factors and barriers associated with utilizing SBAs in HCFs.
This transformation is occurring as increased attention is placed on the complications associated with pregnancy and the ability of SBAs in HCFs to address pregnancy complications successfully.
Overall, 166 non-Ebola treatment unit health care workers in 10 HCFs possibly were exposed to the eight Ebola patients (Figure).
Observations of the 10 HCFs found that health care worker exposures could have occurred for multiple reasons.
Eleven HCFs included Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore, Ali Hos-pital Lahore, three laboratories, three Dental Surger-ies and three Pharmaceutical industries.
Chronic diseases and injuries were the most common conditions reported by ECs and HCFs, respectively.