HCGAHealthcare Group of Arizona
HCGAHammersmith Community Garden Association
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In attendance were each of the HCGA representatives, as well as 25 other participants from various sectors of the Hawaiian coffee industry.
The column was calibrated with synthetic hCgA(250-301 amide) and an hCgA (340-372) fragment purified from a midget carcinoid tumor.
hCG [alpha]-subunit (hCGa) was measured in the RIA produced by ARUP Laboratories.
(4) Nonstandard abbreviations: hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin; IRP, International Reference Preparation; IS, International Standard; RR, Reference Reagent; hCGa and--b, unassociated hCG [alpha]--and [beta]-subunit, respectively; hCGbcf, hCG [beta]-subunit core fragment; and CAP, College of American Pathologists.
A hCG[beta] RIA should not be mistaken for a hCG, hCGa, or hCG[beta] C-terminal peptide RIA, which may be much less broad in specificity.
Significance of the fitted variances of triphasic vs biphasic half-time curves of hCG, hCG/3, and hCGa. P-value (a) Form of hCG Triphasic Biphasic vs Triphasic vs vs observed observed biphasic hCG 0.914 <0.000 <0.000 hCG[beta] 0.853 <0.000 <0.000 hCG[alpha] 0.706 <0.000 <0.0001 (a) Comparisons by analysis of variance are significant when the corresponding P is <0.0167.
In nonpregnant subjects, the common glycoprotein hormone a subunit (hCGa) is mainly derived from the pituitary, and its serum concentrations do not reflect hCG production.