HCGHDHamilton County General Health District
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This credit was brainstormed by MSD and HCGHD officials together with a group of western Hamilton County business leaders and elected officials.
In 1996, HCGHD began using the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS).
As of January 1, 1998, HCGHD staff located a total of 9,515 aeration systems.
During the spring of 1998, HCGHD mailed out 1,000 customer surveys to homeowners with aeration systems.
The GIS technology will continue to be used at HCGHD as a public health surveillance tool.
HCGHD plans to continue advancing water quality improvements, improving existing programs, and adding new ones.
The integrated approach will provide up-to-date information on land use and infrastructure changes in a watershed and allow HCGHD to assess the impacts on water quality.
The health commissioner will review a contract between OEPA and HCGHD that will provide HCGHD the authority to inspect the semipublic systems.
HCGHD could also begin educating zoning commissions and elected officials about the importance of considering home sewage systems a part of the local utility infrastructure.