HCHAHarris County Housing Authority (Texas)
HCHAHenderson County Homeschool Association (Edneyville, NC)
HCHAHull Churches Housing Association Ltd. (UK)
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In conclusion, acute ischemic stroke may occur concomitantly in patients with HCHA; therefore, diffusion-weighted and ADC sequences should be included in imaging modalities in the examination of these patients.
According to Maclafferty, Akerson was "driving [Hoover's] friends away from him," and some Republican members were so hostile toward Akerson that they would not visit the White House unless Hoover directly sent for them (HCHA, Maclafferty Diary, November 18, 1930).
It [is] really a great physical strain, too" (HCHA, Maclafferty Diary, December 19, 1931).
If certain congressmen find that the National Committee and the White House are trying to influence legislation it will make an awful row" (HCHA, Maclafferty Diary, November 18, 1930).
Rather than accepting that wooing members of Congress was an integral function of the presidency, Hoover rejected the notion that currying congressional favor was viable, stating that Republican members of Congress were disloyal to him and hastening his political and policy agendas (HCHA, Maclafferty Diary, November 16 and December 13, 1932).
When he ran for president in 1928, Hoover's advisers monitored the ongoing straw polls by listing states alphabetically and then tabulating the weekly percentage straw poll vote for both Hoover (noted with a capital H) and his Democratic presidential opponent Al Smith (noted with a capital S) (HCHA, "Polls-Surveys," Campaigns and Transitions, Box 161).
and "Do you expect a light or a heavy vote?" (HCHA, "Polls-Surveys," Campaigns and Transitions, Box 161).
(HCHA, "Polls," Presidential Papers-Press Relations, Box 1203)
The Hoover campaign concentrated on assessing public opinion only in states where Hoover was leading or gaining popularity, as the report explicitly read "states definitely [for] Roosevelt not included." Their analysis was flawed, showing Hoover defeating Roosevelt, with another seventy-six electoral votes for Hoover in states where Roosevelt's lead was supposedly weakening (HCHA, "Campaign of 1932-Polls," Lewis L.
Perhaps they are holding back the votes?" (HCHA, "Political-1932," Ernest Walker Sawyer, Ray Wilbur Papers, October 19,1932).
Pfeiffer, a traveling salesman whose trip to nine states indicated that "the business men are buying goods, only and if, President Hoover is reelected" (HCHA, "Political--1932," Ernest Walker Sawyer, Ray Wilbur Papers, October 19, 1932).
All these features at the 88-unit Cypresswood Estates came at a cost that is only marginally higher (about 8 to 10 percent more per square foot) than a 90-unit community the HCHA built just months earlier.