HCHPHarvard Community Health Plan (health care insurance)
HCHPHanford Community Health Project (US DHHS)
HCHPHigh-Capacity Heat Pipe
HCHPHartford Community Health Partnership (Hartford, CA)
HCHPHindagala Community Health Project (Sri Lanka)
HCHPHigh Calorie High Protein
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HCHP was also concerned that it wasn't enough for there to be follow-up of a positive Pap smear result.
HCHP also had an electronic laboratory test results reporting system; and it proved possible to program that system so that when there was a positive smear, the responsible clinician received a prompt about the recommended type of follow-up for that type of positive result.
As HCHP grew, it added a network of practices that did not have an automated medical record.
Under the terms of the HCHP extended benefit, the Shy Bipolar's clinician determined that the case management was medically necessary and would be covered without any arbitrary limit.
The Lost Administrator was offered partially subsidized psychotherapy under the regular HCHP benefit, while the Cranky Victim was not.
Listen, for example, to the words of one of our board members at HCHP. When I asked him to define quality, he said in his mind it means HCHP must be "above average" because "it's impossible to maintain a superior environment" all the time, in all the services, in all the locations that our plan has.
Despite this extensive network, HCHP's site distribution plaes in comparison with some IPA competitors, which offer from 5,000 to 8,000 mostly solo-practice physicians.
HCHP is proud of the partnerships it has nurtured with its affiliated groups, and what these have meant to the groups: sustained patient growth, enhanced (and more timely) reimbursement via capitation, constructive feedback on practic variation, greater leverage in securing ancillary and specialty referral services, and positive incentives for delivering appropriate levels of care to patients (such as achieving high mammography rates for over-50 women and high pediatric immunization rates).
In return, HCHP has enjoyed greater market distribution and has acquired group practice partners who are inclined to interact cooperatively with utilization-management staff and protocols; show an open-mindedness toward implementing quality management initiatives; act as reliable primary care gatekeepers in determining appropriate levels of care; and, most important, influence their colleagues' behavior.
In sum, the arrangement has given HCHP cooperative managed care partners, very satisfied members, and an enviable price position.