HCIGHuntsville CALS Interest Group
HCIGHot Cathode Ion Gauge
HCIGHannoverschen Cochlear Implant Gesellschaft (German: Hanover's Cochlear Implant Society; Germany)
HCIGHealth Care Industry Group
HCIGHepatitis C Immune Globulin (biomedicine)
HCIGHealth Communication Interest Group (Western States Communication Association; Omaha, NE)
HCIGHuman-Computer Interface Guidelines
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The notes are issued by HCIG and constitute its direct, general, unsubordinated, unconditional, and unsecured obligations and rank pari passu with all its other present and future unsecured obligations.
Any change in the Issuer Default Ratings of HCIG will result in a similar change in the rating of the proposed notes.
As for the calibration stability of HCIGs, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) metrologists have argued that the most reproducible stability results are achieved using dual 180 [degrees] diametrically opposed pure tungsten filaments and emission currents [less than]1 m[Angstrom] NIST data over the range of [10.sup.-3] to [10.sup.-9] torr show average calibration changes over time of 3% for tungsten and 6% for thoria-coated iridium, with maximum deviations of 12% and 18%, respectively.