HCLOSHigh Capacity Line-Of-Sight Radios (Army)
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The HCLoS model consists of three selection criteria namely, national population coverage with a weight of 40 percent, minimum average broadband speed with 25 percent, and capital and operating expenditure with 35 percent.
Up until FY 2013 a five-Soldier HCLOS team existed in the company specifically to install, operate and maintain the HCLOS.
The HCLOS radios and associated equipment are key elements of the US Army's transformation of its battlespace information management process.
But the government introduced the HCLOS (highest committed level of service) in the bidding.
'We are very confident in the viability of the HCLoS model in choosing a truly competent telco, and one that is dedicated to service and not just for profit,' Rio said.
One hundred new Rita N4 network nodes are to be delivered to the French Army between 2013 and 2015, with the upgrade of 200 legacy nodes to the new higher capacity communications architecture, providing Combat Net Radio Integration (CNRI), trunk nodes with HCLOS and mobile satellite uplinks.
added that the Participant with the Highest Committed Level of Service (HCLoS) will have to go through the Document Verification Phase.
Under the final terms of reference issued by the NTC and Department of Information and Communications Technology, the third telco player will be chosen based on the highest committed level of service (HCLoS) for over a period of five years.
The new major telco player will be chosen based on the so-called highest committed level of service (HCLoS) model.
The single box mast mount radio supports the roles of a High-Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) radio relay including spectrum efficiency and long range waveforms as well as a true full-band electronic counter-counter measure radio relay.
The method adopted was the highest committed level of service (HCLoS) model.