HCLVHigh-Concentration, Low-Volume
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Development of a triplex TaqMan real-time RT-PCR assay for differential detection of wild-type and HCLV vaccine strains of classical swine fever virus and bovine viral diarrhea virus 1.
Positive viruses of PRV (Bartha-K61, HB-98 strain), JEV (SA14-14-2 strain), CSFV (HCLV strain), PCV-2 (LG, ZJ/C strain), PRRSV (CH1R, R98, HUN4, JXA1-R, CH-1a strain), PPV (WH-1, CP99 strain), FMDV (O, A, AsiaI), TGEV, and PEDV (CV777 strain) were obtained from commodity vaccines or provided by the Animal Quarantine Laboratory, Sichuan Agricultural University.