HCNGHydrogen Compressed Natural Gas
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The company provides liquid and gaseous hydrogen, and HCNG (hydrogen/compressed natural gas) fueling, and has developed a variety of enabling devices and protocols for fuel dispensing at varied pressures.
According to Westport, the new funding award relates to a previously announced Vancouver-based demonstration of public transit buses fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen-enriched natural gas (HCNG).
announced last week during the Society of Automotive Engineers' Powertrain & Fluid Systems Conference & Exhibition in Tampa, FL the results of a demonstration project of hydrogen and compressed natural gas (HCNG)-fueled buses.
Technology development alliances are in place with a number of other leading engine manufacturers, including Ford, MAN, Isuzu, and BMW to develop engines that operate using cleaner-burning fuels such as natural gas, propane, hydrogen, and blended fuels such as HCNG.
Westport also announced the final results of a demonstration of buses fuelled with a blend of hydrogen and compressed natural gas known as HCNG. The results after approximately 24,000 miles in transit bus service in California and Colorado, showed that the HCNG buses retained the same power and torque of natural gas buses while producing about 50% less N[O.sub.x] and nmHC emissions, Westport said.
Collier Technologies Inc.(CTI), Reno, Nev., views HCNG, a blend of hydrogen and compressed natural gas, as the logical pathway to building this hydrogen infrastructure to make pure hydrogen engines and fuel cells viable.
According to Westport, the proposed project includes plans to seek Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (Translink) approval to upgrade five natural gas-powered bus engines to run on a hydrogen and compressed natural gas (HCNG) fuel blend, with the buses to be added for demonstration to the city's transit fleet.
IndiaExpress recently reported that the government-owned Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) plans to launch a 1-billion-rupee (about $22.7-million) "Hydrogen Blue Print" initiative that will include the use of a hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel blend (HCNG) to power the company's bus fleet.
According to DOE, the pilot plant is a "model alternative fuel refueling system," generating and dispensing hydrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen/CNG blends (HCNG) daily for vehicles in the Arizona Public Service fleet.
The Department of Energy (DOE), through its Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity, recently announced the completion of performance and emissions testing of an internal combustion engine-equipped Ford F-150 pickup truck operating on 100-percent compressed natural gas (CNG) and two blends of hydrogen and CNG (HCNG) -- 15-percent HCNG, a fuel blend of 15 percent hydrogen and 85 percent CNG, and 30-percent HCNG, a fuel blend of 30 percent hydrogen and 70 percent CNG.