HCNMHigh Commissioner on National Minorities (OSCE)
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The Max van der Stoel Award - a prize of pound 50,000 - has been co-sponsored by the HCNM and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs every two years since 2003.
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The IC infrastructure for conflict prevention (including the instrument of the HCNM) has not proved very successful, however.
The success of the HCNM led the OSCE in 1997 to establish the post of Representative on Freedom of the Media ("Representative") in order to address "serious problems caused by, inter alia, obstruction of media activities and unfavourable working conditions for journalists." (126) The Representative acts as an advocate, observing relevant media developments in OSCE participating states and promoting compliance with OSCE principles and commitments regarding freedom of expression and free media, including the use of hate speech.
See also Letter from the High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) to the government of Macedonia, infra note 199; Mathieu-Mohin & Clerfayt v.
Since 1993, the HCNM, Max van der Stoel, has been involved in mediation in thirteen states, ten of which are still ongoing.
The OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) Lamberto Zannier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Stef Blok will present the Max van der Stoel Award to a group of high school students from the municipality of Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina.