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La aplicacion cuenta con varias secciones (ver Figura 1) la primera se denomina "analisis gasometrico" compuesta por dos segmentos: Gases arteriales y gases venosos; en esta, diligenciando los datos de variables como Ph, PaCO2, PvO2, PaO2, PvO2, HCO3, FIO2, PAO2 y Sat[O.sub.2], Stv[O.sub.2] se obtienen resultados instantaneos referentes al equilibrio acido-base, la ventilacion, oxigenacion, transporte, difusion y extraccion de oxigeno.
El noveno dia en UCI, paraclinicos de control con creatinina 3.4 mg/dl, BUN 75 mg/dl, con Sindrome de Respuesta Inflamatoria Sistemica (SIRS) activo y con conteo plaquetario en ascenso 115,000/[mm.sup.3], pero sin mejoria en las otras fallas organicas con SOFA:18 puntos, APACHE II: 34 puntos y lactato: 6 mmol/L; bilirrubina total: 8 mg/dl y bilirrubina directa: 5mg/dl, transaminasas TGO: 158U/L, TGP: 170U/L, gasimetria pH:7.21, HCO3: 14 mEq/l, CO2: 37mm/Hg, PaO2/fIO2: 120 (Tabla 1), con modo Ventilatorio con Liberacion de Presion (APRV) y Presion Positiva al Final de la Expiracion (PEEP) 36 cmH2O.
While TFM was more efficacious in reducing PCO2 and HCO3 during the first six hours of treatment, the blood gas alterations were the same in both groups based on repeated measures ANOVA once the patients were out of the acute phase of respiratory failure.
Acid-base balance during repeated bouts of exercise: influence of HCO3. International journal of sports medicine.
It was revealed through univariate analysis that variables associated with mortality at a liberal p-value of 0.150 included the female sex, AGA, a hydration status of dehydrated or in hypovolaemic shock, gestation, transfer time, serum urea, arterial base deficit and serum HCO3.
groundwater and soil EC, pH, HCO3 , CO3 , Na , Ca , SO4 , SAR and TDS showed significant (Pless than 0.05) location to location disparity and inconsistency.
Lactate Hb Ht MCV Plat WBC Neutr Lymph Mono Na K 12.7 34.9 78.8 292 20.7 89.1 3.9 6.5 134 3.8 CI CO2 BUN Creat Glue Alb Ca Mg Phos Lactate 91 20 9.6 0.83 118 4.7 9.4 2.4 3.0 1.6 CPK U/A INR Toxicology pH pCO2 pO2 5,906 Blood: Large 1.21 BNDZ 188 7.46 30.9 567.1 HCO3 O2Sat FiO2 CSF Cell Count CSF RBC CSF Glucose 21.8 100 1.0 5 3-fresh 74 CSF TP CSF GS CSF India Ink 29.5 Negative Negative
Table 1--Values of arterial blood gasometry: pH, partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2), partial pressure of oxygen (pO2), bicarbonate ion (HCO3), total carbon dioxide (CO2Total), base excess (ExBase), oxygen saturation (SatO2), sodium ion (Na), potassium (K) ion and lactate, measured on different moments [before preanesthetic medication (M0), immediately prior to pneumothorax induction (M1), after introducing the trocar (M3) and after draining the cavity and restoring negative pressure (M5)] in the transdiaphragmatic paraxiphoid (GI) and cervical (GII) thoracoscopies.
Utilizing VIRUN's vast patent and patents pending portfolio, this new facility will allow extended efficiency in processing, higher yield production and will also facilitate VIRUN's patent-pending HCO3 extraction process.