HCPDHeartland Consumers Power District (Madison, SD)
HCPDHoward County Police Department (Maryland)
HCPDHawaii County Police Department
HCPDHaltom City Police Department (Haltom City, TX)
HCPDHuron County Planning Department (Canada)
HCPDHarvey Cedars Police Department (Harvey Cedars, New Jersey)
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Se observan ademas sitios con razones espectrales anomalas y dificiles de interpretar como: ASRM, PJAC y HCPD. En estos, la condicion geologica del emplazamiento y el nivel de energia presente en las vibraciones ambientales pudo haber provocado que su forma no tenga una posible interpretacion asociada a las condiciones del suelo en el sitio.
Estos son: APMR, PJAC, HCPD Y AORT, que ademas son emplazamientos con geologias mas complejas que las demas, como es el caso de APMR, en el que incluso se evidencia una inversion de velocidades de la onda cortante (Schmidt, 2014, Rojas, 2013).
"HCPD had a clear approach to deal with challenges and obstacles facing handicapped persons through a strategic plan that focuses on the role of universities and networking with various ministries," He added.
The HCPD is an independent public entity specialized in policy settings, planning, coordination, following-up and support for all activities related to people with disabilities.
Over the past 21 years, Chief Rhodes has worked in various roles, starting her career with the HCPD in 1993 as an undercover narcotics agent at night, while working as a substitute teacher during the day.
Chief Rhodes also restructured the Community Outreach Team (COT), which is dedicated to bridging the gap between the community and the HCPD. The COT attends numerous community events and develops creative ways for the HCPD to have a positive impact in the community.