HCPMHybrid Cost Proxy Model (FCC)
HCPMHearing Conservation Program Manager (US DoD)
HCPMHealth Care Programs Manual (Minnesota Department of Human Services)
HCPMHealth Care Project Management
HCPMHeadquarters Centrally Provided Materials
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In the legacy USF model (HCPM), the FCC used a bottom-up model.
As was evidenced in the proceeding that resulted in the adoption of the HCPM, as well as other USF cost modeling proceedings at the state level, obtaining accurate input values for cost models can be incredibly challenging.
The hybrid CPM (HCPM) is designed to deal with this problem.
[25.] van de Lisdonk EH, Appelman CLM, Bossen PC, Dunk JHM, de Melker RA, van Weert HCPM. NHG-standaard otitis media met effusie bij kinderen.