HCPNHollywood Casino at Penn National
HCPNHealth Club Panel Network
HCPNHierarchical Colored Petri Net
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HCPN. The Colored Petri Net (CPN [14]) preserves useful properties of Petri Nets and it has better structuring facilities such as types and modules.
The HCPN extends CPN, and it can simplify the structure of CPN and is easier for modification.
In the following part, we use HCPN to model all the components shown in Figure 4.
There are six kinds of color sets defined in our HCPN model, whose name, declaration, and description are demonstrated in Table 1.
In this section, the simulation of HCPN is presented firstly, then a tool [M.sup.3]C is introduced, at last, the experimental results of verification of the Master Transfer are given, and the counter-examples is analyzed.
Qualitative Analysis of HCPN. We use the CPN Tools to do qualitative analysis.
In the HCPN model, these properties are verified by analyzing simulation reports.
We gave two methods based on model checking and a method based on HCPN. We use these methods to model and verify the Master Transfer protocol of MVB, and they can all work properly.
Background: Founded in 1995, HCPN offers exclusive access to almost 2000 health clubs, over four-times that of their nearest health club media competitor.
With such a dominant presence in this medium, HCPN offers both depth in key markets, as well as the flexibility to buy nationally, regionally, and even by zip code.
This makes HCPN's challenge with these companies more difficult, as it often needs to coach these companies about the value of advertising, and then sell them on HCPN's offering and its effectiveness.
Lessons Learned: (1) Due to the ability of HCPN to focus on a highly targeted medium that uniquely reaches core health and nutrition consumers, it offers a great opportunity to test market products and advertising.