HCPNHollywood Casino at Penn National
HCPNHealth Club Panel Network
HCPNHierarchical Colored Petri Net
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Background: Founded in 1995, HCPN offers exclusive access to almost 2000 health clubs, over four-times that of their nearest health club media competitor.
With such a dominant presence in this medium, HCPN offers both depth in key markets, as well as the flexibility to buy nationally, regionally, and even by zip code.
The challenge for HCPN is three-fold: (1) convince larger players of the effectiveness of this opportunity as a part of a larger, overall campaign; (2) bring new, typically smaller players with limited budgets and experience into the world of advertising; and (3) devise a system to work back into the supply chain and not just with finished goods marketers.
Attributes/comments: The new HCPN is a specially designed mill for grinding particles into the nano particle range with very short process times.
Due to our introduction of two new mill series, the HCPS and HCPN, we have seen a increase in interest and business from all areas of the ink industry, including the graphic arts industry.