HCQIPHealth Care Quality Improvement Program
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One activity included in the ESRD HCQIP was the National/Network ESRD Core Indicators Project (CIP).
The HCQIP was initiated in 1992 through Medicare's peer review organizations to improve care in the general Medicare population (McClellan et al., 1995a; Gagel, 1995; Lohr and Schroeder, 1990; Chassin, 1996; Jencks and Wilensky, 1992).
It was natural for Medicare to use its existing Network system to implement HCQIP in the ESRD program (McClellan et al., 1995a).
Task 3 directs the PROs to partner with managed care organizations to ensure beneficiaries enrolled in such plans receive the same level of attention from the HCQIP as those covered by traditional fee-for-service Medicare.
Successes of the HCQIP, to date, include a growing acceptance of the partnership model between providers, PROs, the Federal Government, Medicare beneficiaries, and other stakeholders.
Gagel (1995) reports on HCFA's HCQIP, which is an evolving strategy for quality management and improvement in a number of areas.
Jencks (1995) underscores the extensive variety of data underlying HCFA's HCQIP, which is also described by Gagel (1995) in this issue.
HCQIP is evolving, yet five goals remain in constant focus:
HCQIP is a HCFA-wide(1) effort that integrates the development of health and safety standards with improved surveillance methods, quality-of-care improvement initiatives and projects, and recognition of HCFA's consumer information responsibilities.
Three initiatives have been undertaken to implement HCQIP for PRO review of managed care.
* Supporting Improvement Projects-Local and national projects to improve quality of care (see Technical Note at the end of this article) are the keystone of the HCQIP. These projects are carried out through partnerships between providers and two kinds of HCFA contractors: peer review organizations PROS) (State-level contractors who carry out Medicare quality-assurance and improvement activities for HCFA) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) networks (regional contractors who carry out quality-assurance and improvement activities for the Medicare ESRD program).
ESRD HCQIP outlined in the 1994-97 networks' contract scope of work is a collaborative effort of HCFA and national organizations concerned with the care of individuals with ESRD.