HCRAHealth Care Reform Act
HCRAHealth Care Reimbursement Account (flexible benefits)
HCRAHampden County Radio Association (Massachusetts)
HCRAHarvard Center for Risk Analysis
HCRAHealth Care Responsibility Act (Florida)
HCRAHawaiian Canoe Racing Association
HCRAHawaii Court Reporters Association
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Importantly, a pan-cancer panel approach to HCRA has the potential to identify actionable mutations that would be missed by a traditional single gene/single syndrome approach to testing.
The latter period provides the estimate of the effects of New York's HCRA expansion effort, net of the effects of DRM.
This conclusion was challenged by government-funded scientists who felt that HCRA had chosen to examine only a minority of the forty-seven studies available at the time.
Finally, a significant portion of the needs and requirements analysis currently under way at HCRA focuses on identifying areas of local variation in the claims process which might be standardized prior to MTS implementation.
The Ninth Circuit found that the government was not substantially justified in its interpretation of the HCRA Act because: 1) the Ninth Circuit had previously decided that the statutory language at issue was clear and contrary to the government's position 2) the government failed to introduce any extraneous circumstances demonstrating that its litigation position was justified, and 3) the district judge's agreement with the government is not conclusive on the issue of the government's reasonableness.
Most of these peer reviewers were either his recent co-authors, fellow affiliates of AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies, former close collaborators, or recent colleagues at HCRA (a think tank he directed immediately before taking over as OIRA administrator).
The monies for the Healthy NY program had previously come from the HCRA fund.
In 1993, New Jersey's Health Care Reform Act (HCRA) replaced an all-payer system that regulated hospital rates with a system that allowed insurers to selectively contract with hospitals and negotiate prices.
For example, a recently published report on BPA prepared by a panel convened by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (HCRA), which was funded by the American Plastics Council (APC), concluded that "the weight of the evidence for low-dose effects is very weak" (Gray et al.
Further objectives of HCRA were to encourage individuals to take greater responsibility for their lifestyles and for using services as sparingly as possible.
* A proposal to shift the financing for public health programs (HCRA) from the general fund to industry assessments pursuant to Insurance Law, Section 332.
In 1992, New Jersey passed the Health Care Reform Act (HCRA), which replaced a rate-setting system that prevented hospital price competition with a system that encouraged price competition.