HCRFhuman corticotropin releasing factor
HCRFHonduran Coral Reef Foundation (Cayos Cochinos islands)
HCRFHipparcos Celestial Reference Frame
HCRFHighland Clinical Research Facility (UK)
HCRFHierarchical Conditional Random Field
HCRFHeterogeneous Chemically Reacting Flow
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From HCRF we learn the mapping of the observation sequences X = {[x.sub.1], [x.sub.2],..., [x.sub.M]} to the class label y [member of] Y, where [x.sub.i] [member of] X is a slow feature sequence proposed in the previous section.
Given the definitions of the labels Y, the observation sequences X, the hidden variables h, and the parameters of model [theta], the HCRF computes the conditional probability of a class label given a set of observations by:
Two approaches of sequence classification, including "SVM" and "HCRF".
In the above mentioned situations HCRF variations occur simultaneously.
Data on HCRF were obtained by the gamma-spectrometer with a scintillation detector (NaI(Tl) crystal at the laboratory of Nuclear Hydrophysics of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
The integral number of registered cosmic particles with energy from 300 to [infinity] keV formed the spectrum by the interaction of HCRF with the detector following Compton's scattering.
Zacharias [12], provides 682 positions obtained after reducing the observations with respect to the Tycho-2 [6] (i.e., linked to, but much denser than the HCRF) and using the UCAC4 ([13]).
The aim of this paper is the study of the current situation of the link between HCRF and ICRF2, using the four couples of catalogs (a), (b), (c), and (d) previously defined to obtain the links among them.
However, the predictive connection between the increase of HCRF and the formation of an anticyclone as well as duration over the observation station is rather complicated, so the definition of this connection requires extensive statistical information on the experimental data.
On the day of observations between HCRF and high atmospheric pressure an inverse correlation was observed.
HCRF was analysed at time intervals of 8-9, 9-10, 11-12 and 12-13 hours.
Correlation coefficients were calculated by performing a simple linear regression analysis between daily HCRF and atmospheric pressure.