HCSMHealth Care of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc
HCSMHealth Care Strategic Management
HCSMHuman Capital Strategic Management (US Treasury)
HCSMHuman Ciliary Smooth Muscle
HCSMHuman Coronary Smooth Muscle
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Members of the fund were invited to the launch of the HCSM at Walwick Hall Hotel in Northumberland where they picked up their huge cheque.
We are delighted that David and HCSM chose to support us, especially at a time when we're trying to raise PS30,000 for our Christmas Appeal.
Mr Harrison added: "Often new ideas are seen as being too risky for bureaucratic public funding, so HCSM will step in where there is a real chance of success.
Reluctant acceptance is particularly likely given the small number of HCSM options.
228) Covering almost one million people, HCSMs are networks of individuals who contribute to a common pool for healthcare costs, and when that pool is exhausted may directly fund one another's claims.
Traditionally, HCSM costs are a fraction of the cost of insurance
As noted above, PPACA contains a religious exemption for HCSM members
HCSM was set up to tackle social issues in the region and to provide advice and financial support to charities that are helping people, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Second, under Met Life, for courts to consider an HCSM the practice of insurance, the HCSM has to have the effect of transferring or spreading a policyholder's risk and the practice must be an "integral part" of the relationship between the insurer and insured.
314) Yet, these aspects are apparent, not real; superficial, not substantial, because HCSM contracts or member agreements have "no element of fixed return" obligatory upon the ministry, much like variable annuities.
Though the PM and DC has equated HCSM programme at Master's level but these graduates are not currently eligible for academic positions.
We will concentrate on promoting research in medical education and further strengthen HCSM programme.