HCSSHigh Capacity Storage System
HCSSHigh Capacity Storage System (Novell)
HCSSHague Centre for Strategic Studies (est. 2007; Netherlands)
HCSSHeavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc. (est. 1986; Houston, TX)
HCSSHigh Capacity Stacker Stapler (Xerox)
HCSSHypercompact Stellar System (astrophysics)
HCSSHunter College School of Social Work (New York)
HCSSHypersensitive Carotid Sinus Syndrome (medical disorder)
HCSSHome and Community Support Staff (Albany, NY)
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To reward shareholders for participating in the Group's growth, HCSS intends to pay out at least 70.
HCSS provides a comprehensive suite of construction solutions for both operations and equipment management.
The HCSS was modified by eliminating all questions corresponding to the Grief (GR) scale.
All the parties to the peace deal, however, formally committed to the establishment of the HCSS "by the AUC to investigate and prosecute individuals bearing criminal responsibility for violations of international law and/or applicable South Sudanese law committed from 15 December 2013 through the end of the transitional period.
Moreover, various integration were developed with 3rd party systems, like HCSS Heavy Bid and the JWS Material Scale platform.
Individuals indicted or convicted by HCSS will not be eligible for participation in the government of national unity or its successor governments", the agreement stipulates in part.
Construction software developer HCSS has added a mobile phone time card to its selection of mobile apps available for smart-phones and tablets.
Equipment360 maintenance software from HCSS tracks equipment maintenance schedules for trucks, bulldozers, scrapers and other equipment.
HCSS has launched an integrated GPS feature that significantly expands the capabilities of its resource management software, The Dispatcher[TM].