HCSUSHIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (research study)
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An analysis from the HCSUS cohort showed that African Americans who had racially concordant providers (e.g.
The means and standard deviations for the Spirituality subscale of the Coping With HIV Questionnaire, the Spiritual Growth subscale of the HPLP-II, and the mental-health-related composite scales and subscales of the HCSUS at baseline and 12-month time points are shown in Table 2.
The sam ple sizes in the HCSUS data set could only support comparisons between Black and White Medicaid respondents.
(8) Data from the HCSUS found that while 29% of HIV-positive women acknowledged a desire for children, 31% of those women did not intend to have children.
In the new resistance study, over 1900 plasma samples obtained from HCSUS volunteers about three years later (in late 1998 to early 1999) were analyzed using the ViroLogic PhenoSense resistance test.
(11) The study focused on two groups: (1) 1286 people from 16 sites across the country who were interviewed in 2001-2002 in a study of underserved HIV-positive people targeted for supportive outreach services, and (2) 2267 people in the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS), a probability sample of people already getting HIV care.
HCSUS is the first study to enroll a national probability sample of persons with HIV disease.
To test whether HAART does have an effect on labor market outcomes, we use data from the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS).
The HCSUS included 2,864 patients (about one-quarter were female) who were selected from lists from a variety of provider sites including clinics, outpatient hospital facilities, and physician practices.
This article is part of a national study of access to care (HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study, or HCSUS) for persons with one chronic health condition, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (Shapiro, Morton, McCaffrey, et al.
For the reasons detailed in this article, the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS), funded through a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), adopted a national probability sampling design with the intent of producing a nationally representative sample of HIV-infected persons receiving regular medical care.