HCSUSHIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (research study)
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The means and standard deviations for the Spirituality subscale of the Coping With HIV Questionnaire, the Spiritual Growth subscale of the HPLP-II, and the mental-health-related composite scales and subscales of the HCSUS at baseline and 12-month time points are shown in Table 2.
The sam ple sizes in the HCSUS data set could only support comparisons between Black and White Medicaid respondents.
Although HCSUS respondents report whether they sold their life insurance, they report neither the exact date of sale nor the quantity sold.
In the new resistance study, over 1900 plasma samples obtained from HCSUS volunteers about three years later (in late 1998 to early 1999) were analyzed using the ViroLogic PhenoSense resistance test.
The equally large, just-noted outreach-versus-HCSUS study (11) found that Hispanics ran more than a doubled risk of poor clinic attendance in the HCSUS sample (AOR 2.
HCSUS is the first study to enroll a national probability sample of persons with HIV disease.
The employment data from HCSUS include whether the individual is working at the time of the interview, and if working, number of hours usually worked per week during the past month.
The HCSUS provides an opportunity to examine the use of ARV agents in a national sample with predictors that represent all major components of a comprehensive utilization model.
1999) documents the specifics of the HCSUS sample design and reviews the essential features that made implementation of the design feasible.
The methodology developed by the HCSUS consortium uses a flexible, provider-based approach to multistage sampling that minimizes the quantity of data necessary for implementation.
Information from the HCSUS study holds the potential for a further assessment of the differences in access and medications use found in this disease.